Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Post #141: Brett Dennen - "Ain't Gonna Lose You"

Post #141: A lot of great new music came out today for another new release Tuesday.

Atmosphere (posted HERE in January), Bell X1, Foo Fighters, and Low.

But I thought I would go with Brett Dennen, as I was recently able to get tickets to see him at the Pantages Theater this June.  Today, he released his new album, Loverboy.

I had the opportunity to see Brett at the Varsity Theater a couple of years ago, and he puts on a great show.

What is going to make this show even more enjoyable is that Dawes, one of my favorite live acts that I posted HERE back in November, is opening.

This is my favorite Brett Dennen song, which was on his last release from 2008, Hope for the Hopeless.

Brett Dennen, "Ain't Gonna Lose You"
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