Monday, April 4, 2011

Post #133 (Metal Monday #13): Becoming the Archetype - "Into Oblivion"

Post #133 (Metal Monday #13):  It is amazing to me how my musical tastes have changed and broadened over time.

Ten years ago, I didn't understand how anyone could possibly listen to music like this.  It made absolutely no sense.

But now, it makes complete sense.

The comparison I like to use is that heavy metal is like coffee or beer.  It is an acquired taste.  It isn't something you will like the first time, second time, or even the tenth time.  But at some point, something clicks.

It took me forever to like beer, and one day, I decided that lite beer was okay.  That eventually turned into Rolling Rock, then Killian's, then Guinness, to where now the darker and more unique the beer, the more I love it.

Just like my metal.

I still haven't made the leap to coffee, but as my music taste broadens, I'm pretty sure the same will be true for my taste in beverages.

This is off of their debut album, Terminate Damnation.  Since then they have released three more.  The Physics of Fire in 2007, Dichotomy in 2008 and Celestial Completion this year, which I just picked up last week.

Very, very heavy.  Chances are you won't like  Be patient, and listen to it with an open mind.  Chances are 10 years from now this will be your music of choice.

Becoming the Archetype, "Into Oblivion"
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