Friday, April 1, 2011

Post #130: Rogue Valley - "Red River of the North"

Post #130:  Every once in a while, if my schedule frees up, I will take a look at who is playing in town.

Tonight is one of those nights, and I am excited to go see Rogue Valley at the Varsity Theater down by the University of Minnesota.

A local band, they have been releasing albums for each season.  First it was Crater Lake in the Spring, The Bookseller's House in the Summer, Geese in the Flyway in the Fall, and now their fourth for the Winter.

Not sure what the title will be, but if it is like the other 3, it will be a great album.

Rogue Valley includes Chris Koza, who has some great solo stuff as well, which I will post at some point.

This is from their first, Spring release, Crater Lake.

I have wanted to see these guys ever since picking up Crater Lake.  This will be a great show!

Rogue Valley, "Red River of the North"
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