Saturday, April 16, 2011

Post #145: Aidan Hawken - "Pillows & Records"

Post #145: One thing I love about my ipad is that it allows me to make "genius" playlists.

While I am playing any given song, I can hit the 'genius' button and it will create a 25 song playlist based on other music within my library similar to that artist. And then I can choose to save that playlist in order to listen to it again.

About a year ago I created one of these playlists based on this song. It pulled artists like Emerson Hart, Rosie Golan, Matt Duke, and Peter Bradley Adams. All artists I love and ones whom I'll be posting at some point.

This has become a playlist I return to often, and every time I put it on 'shuffle', playing the songs in a random order.

But I always start with this song.

This is from his first release from 2006, Pillows & Records.

Aidan Hawken, "Pillows & Records"
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