Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Post #99: The New Frontiers "Mirrors"

Post #99: I absolutely love the feeling when I come across a band that for the most part is "unknown". For a short while I feel like I have them all to myself in a way.

Part of this is knowing that if they come through town, I will be able to see the band in a small venue with maybe 200 other people. To me, this is one of the best ways to experience a band live.

But then there are other times when I come across the band too late. They are no longer playing together for various reasons, and I have to listen to the music knowing that I might not ever have a chance to catch them at a small venue.

The New Frontiers is one of these bands. I came across them in 2009, but unfortunately they had already broken up at the end of 2008 after releasing their album Mending in the same year ($7.99 on itunes). Not sure what caused the breakup, but at least they left us with this song, which in my opinion is worth $7.99 just by itself.

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