Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Post #128: Cory Chisel - "So Wrong For Me"

Post #128:  Every morning as I get ready, I will put one of my ipod playlists on random.  My mood for the day will determine what playlist I choose.

Today I put on my "New Tunes Top Rated" playlist, which consists of songs that I have given 4 to 5 stars, but have listened to less than 25 times.  With over 6,600 songs on this playlist I never know what is going to come up, but regardless, I know I will like it, and it won't be a song that has been over played.

Today, Cory Chisel came up.  From Appleton, Wisconsin, he has made it to Minnesota quite often.  I had the opportunity to see him at the Triple Rock downtown a couple years ago, which is how I came across Dawes, his opening act.  I posted them last year, as my fourth post, HERE.

Well this morning, as Cory was playing on my ipod, my son Emerson walked in addressing me by my nickname Did, and said, " Did!!  This song is lame!!  So lame!!!"

Hopefully you disagree.

Cory Chisel, "So Wrong For Me"
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  1. Just tell your kids the same thing I tell mine, "You don't know what's good!"