Sunday, March 27, 2011

Post #125: Shawn McDonald - "Beautiful"

Post #125: In 2004, I was in the Northwestern Bookstore here in Maple Grove doing some music shopping.

That was when I saw Simply Nothing by Shawn McDonald. The colors. The hat. How could I not buy this album? It had the look of something good, so I took a chance.

I was so right.

Since then, Shawn has released 5 more albums, 2 of which are live, and his newest being released 2 weeks ago.

This entire album is great, and this is the song that really stood out for me.

It breaks it down to a very simple question, "What am I?"

A perfect song and album for a Sunday.

Shawn McDonald, "Beautiful"
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  1. Thanks for this song. As I get ready to launch this new business I am finding that I am trusting in God to provide more than I have in a long time. It's good to be reminded how small we are and how great God is. It's keeps our perspective on his will! And yet, he delights in us!!!! Thanks for the encouragement today!