Sunday, March 20, 2011

Post #118: The Indians - "Look Up to the Sky"

Post #118: Throughout my lifetime, I have had numerous conversations about music with people.  It doesn't matter if it is a long time friend or a new acquaintance.

What music do you like or dislike?  What concerts have you been too.  What are your favorite bands, songs and albums?  What songs have great meaning to you?  I love these conversations!!

Not only does it shed light on a common interest, but it allows me to get to know that person on a different level, sometimes creating a great connection.

Not long after this album, Indianism by The Indians, was released in 1993, I started college. To this day, my closest friends are those that I roomed with and played lacrosse with at Bethel. And I will never forget the connection I first made with one of those friends, Kevin.

We were having a conversation about music. Both of us had pretty extensive music collections. At least for a college student. We probably had 200 albums apiece. A far cry from the 3,500 I have now.

During the course of the conversation, The Indians came up. We were each shocked that the other even knew of this band. To this day, I don't recall The Indians ever coming up in conversation with anyone else, and as far as I know, we might be the only two fans.

I can't speak for Kevin, but after that conversation, I knew I liked him. I knew we would be friends. And 17 years later, the same is still true.

I love you Kev!

The Indians, "Look Up to the Sky"
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