Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Post #114: Guster - "Demons"

Post #114: Today I "Facebook friended" an old college buddy of mine, Justin Clark.

Back in the 1995-1996 school year at Bethel, Justin, or "Barney" as we called him, joined the lacrosse team, and we built a strong relationship during the short time we attended school together.

It was during a trip to Carleton College, that he brought a couple of tapes by the Dave Matthews Band and Blues Traveler, telling me they were both going to be huge. He was right for the most part.

After he left Bethel to pursue other dreams and aspirations, we got reconnected again. This time it was for his wedding, which was to be held in South Carolina during the summer.

Never having been to South Carolina at the time, I had no idea what to expect, and I wished I would have packed more underwear, or at least a swimsuit. It was so hot, that the moment I stepped outside, I was drenched. Starting with my under layers, which would ultimately soak everything through and through.

During the wedding, due to his Hawaiian heritage, we wore leis during the ceremony. Not the brightly colored fake ones you get at parties, but actual leis. Combine the heat, a non air conditioned church, and seaweed wrapped around my has been the closest I have ever been to fainting while participating in a marriage ceremony.

Anyways, during my trip he and his friend Ed introduced me to a few more bands, one of which was Guster.

A few weeks after returning home, I received a packet in the mail containing a handful of CDs including Goldfly by Guster. I love this album.

This is their second of six releases, and one that I highly recommend.

I owe my love of Guster to my friend Barney.

Guster, "Demons"
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