Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Post #113: Pink Floyd/Roger Waters - "Mother"

Post #113: Driving home from Kansas City today, my cousin Brian took over DJ duties with my ipod.

I love letting other people take control of the ipod, because with over 30,000 songs, I never know what to expect. It is fun to see the choices made by each individual.

Brian is only a handful of years older than me, but even a few years can have a big impact on the soundtrack of our lives.

The selection was based around bands like Winger, Skid Row, and Warrant. He even sprinkled in some surprises like Sir Mix A-Lot, Wilson Phillips, and Vanessa Williams. Often times they prompted stories...for both of us. My favorite was Vanessa Williams, which brought him back to driving home from Illinois after his younger brother Jeremy had passed away, and hearing "Save the Best for Last" continuously during his drive.

Through the course our entire trip, there was only one artist where we listened to the entire album: Pink Floyd's The Wall.

This was the first time I have listened to this album from beginning to end since High School, and it grabbed me differently than ever before.

It is safe to say, this album will be in regular rotation over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for an awesome trip Brian and Bob!!

Pink Floyd, "Mother"
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  1. I think you nailed this one - both for the song choice and the reason. For a lot of people, music reminds us of a point in time. The Wall will always bring me back to some of the best times of my early life and I'm pretty sure Brian feels the same way.

    It's interesting because I don't think The Wall is Floyd's best (I love Wish You Where Here). I guess it just goes to show that memories trump the actual songs.

    Sounds like you had fun in KC - wish I could have joined you guys.

  2. I love The Wall. Such a beautifully painful picture of what happens in this war called life. So many events with the capacity to add more bricks to the wall. PF frames the problem perfectly. Kim Walker's "how he loves" is the perfect solution.

  3. I remember going to the planetarium with Dan and Jen when we were in college and listening to this album to a laser show. I have to credit Dan for the vast majority of good music that I like. Without him, I would still be stuck on Belinda Carlisle and Wham.
    I love this album because it is the sadness and desperation that I feel at some points in life; for things in and out of my control. I also like that the album is a giant loop. "Isn't this where we started?”