Saturday, March 12, 2011

Post #110: Puddle of Mudd - "Change My Mind"

Post #110: Hitting the road for Kansas City today. I am hoping I make it through alright, as my body will be put through the rigorous chore of sitting at a poker table for hours and hours, all the while stuffing my face with bar-b-que. I can't wait!

Since we are driving, it will be a good 5 hour chunk to get caught up on some music.

Before trips like this, I like to see what bands come from that area, so that is why I have chosen Puddle of Mudd for today.

They typically have had a couple "radio friendly" songs on each of their last 4 albums, and as much as I love these songs, it is disappointing that this is as far as most people get.

An example of this is their 2003 album Life on Display. I love this album! From beginning to end I listen to this one on a regular basis. It floors me that it was bashed by most critics, and that many people have written off Puddle of Mudd considering them a cheaper version of Nickelback.

Allmusic gave this album 2 stars. Rolling Stone gave it 1 star. Proof to me that I can't trust reading music reviews or the critics that write them.

Puddle of Mudd, "Change my Mind"
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