Thursday, March 10, 2011

Post #108 (Hip Hop Thursday #8): Brother Ali - "The Puzzle"

Post #108 (Hip Hop Thursday #8): It seems like forever ago that I graduated Cooper High School. I remember in 1994 during my senior year thinking that the year 2000 was so long away, and that my 30 year old cousins were old. Boy was I wrong!

Even though it has been 17 years, I still remember quite a bit, and there are two memories that stick out in my mind, revolving around school dances.

The first was what we called the "Mistletoe Dance". For those of you that went to Cooper, you need no explanation. For those of you that didn' missed out...especially on mono. To this day, anyone that I explain this concept to thinks I am crazy and can't believe that our school would let something like that happen....but that is a topic for another post.

The second memory was that of watching Jason Newman talk to the DJ and get a few minutes on the mic to freestyle: improvised rapping with a backing beat.

At that time, he referred to himself as White Wizdom. Possibly due to having the rare genetic condition of being an albino.

I was excited when years later I came across him under the name Brother Ali, after he signed with the Rhymesayers label. Home to other artists I have posted previously (Atmosphere and P.O.S.).

It has always been fun to mention actor Steve Zahn as an alum of Cooper, and I now mention Brother Ali in the same conversation.

Brother Ali, "The Puzzle"
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