Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Post #106: REM - "Me In Honey"

Post #106: Another Tuesday, means more new music for us all to listen too.

Today, R.E.M. releases Collapse Into Now, their 15th album. 15th!!!

Looking back over the music they have created, this is one of those bands that had a lot of radio play, so most people know "those songs." However, they have a lot of great stuff that was never played on the radio.

It really surprises me that this one wasn't, especially because at that time in 1991, the B-52s were pretty popular as well, and Kate Pierson from the B-52s sings backing vocals on this one.

Chances are it was lost in the shuffle being on the same album, Out of Time, as "Radio Song", "Losing My Religion", and "Shiny Happy People".

Regardless, a lot of people missed out on this amazing song. I love this song!!! Hope you enjoy it too.

R.E.M., "Me in Honey"
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  1. I realize that any album that takes a band from "cult" status to multiplatium will be criticized by old fans for selling out, but I LOVE Out of Time. In my opinion, it was the first REM album that was great from start to finish. Nice choice for today.