Sunday, March 6, 2011

Post #104: William Elliott Whitmore - "Hell Or High Water"

Post #104: As I may have mentioned before, I believe that vocals are one of the most important instruments within a band and bands obviously use this instrument to varying degrees.

There are some bands where the vocals are on par with the other instruments. At times, it is almost like they could swap singers and it might not make a difference.

Then there are vocals that are so ingrained in the bands sound, that replacing them could be near, if not entirely, impossible.

Then there are artists where the vocals are 90% of the band. This could be because they intentionally focus on the vocals or, in the case of William Elliott Whitmore, the vocals put the focus on themselves.

The first time I heard this guy, I loved the voice.

The first time I saw this guy, I was blown away by where the voice was coming from.

I will send you $1 if when you start this video you can predict what his voice will sound like.  (Assuming you have never heard him before).

This song is from his 5th album from 2009, Animals in the Dark. He just finished recording his new album, which is slated for a Spring release.

William Elliott Whitmore, "Hell or High Water"
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