Monday, February 28, 2011

Post #98 (Metal Monday #8): Norma Jean - "Deathbed Atheist"

Post #98 (Metal Monday #8): Looking at my upcoming schedule, I am bummed that I will be missing the Norma Jean show due to being out of town. They are one of my favorite Metalcore bands.

Growing up in a Christian, church going family, this Christian music is a far cry from the kind I grew up listening to: Bill Gaither Trio, Leon Patillo, or Amy Grant, to name a few.

Could it be that Stryper was my gateway band to ultimately listening to many of the bands I listen to today?

I am hesitant to share what my interpretation of the song is, because I am not 100% sure what it means, and I'm stuck between two options. But I will anyways :)

The obvious choice is that he is singing from the standpoint of an atheist after they have passed away, looking back and ultimately deciding that they have been wrong and made a mistake, but it is too late.

Or possibly he is singing from his own standpoint, and explaining his biggest nightmare: At the time of his death, fear overcomes him, causing him to question God and lose faith in something he truly believes in.

With each album, Norma Jean keeps getting better. This song is off of their 5th and most recent release from 2010, Meridional.

Norma Jean, "Deathbed Atheist"
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