Sunday, February 27, 2011

Post #97: Battleme - "Burn This Town"

Post #97: Lately I have found myself watching less and less "actual" television.

Instead, I have been purchasing whole seasons and watching them over a couple of weeks. This is far more enjoyable than waiting a week between episodes. Lately I have done this with Lost, The League, Dexter, Weeds, and now Sons of Anarchy.

I just finished the second season, and this song was used in the finale. I had never heard of Battleme prior to this, and I absolutely love it!

Matt Drenik is part of a band called Lions from Austin, Texas. They are more guitar heavy rock and Battleme is his acoustic side project.

On itunes, you can pick up his 5 song EP, as well as a couple tunes from the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack.

Highly, highly recommended!

Battleme, "Burn This Town"
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