Friday, February 25, 2011

Post #95: Haley Bonar - "May Day"

Post #95: I had a "first" happen to me on Wednesday. My friend came into my office and said, "It should be a good show tonight."

And I looked up and said, "What show?"

A few months ago we had picked up tickets to see Alexi Murdoch, and I had forgotten to put it on my calendar. I am still baffled that this happened.

As we expected, Alexi put on a great show. Click here to see my post of him from January 14th.

The opening act also put on a great show. Haley Bonar (pronounced Bon-Are), has spent most of her life in Minnesota, so many consider her a local artist, even though she recently moved to Portland.

My first exposure to Haley was when she toured with Andrew Bird, as the opening act, and his backing vocalist.

She has a new album coming out this year, and will be performing again at the Cedar Cultural Center for an album release party on April 22nd.

Haley Bonar, "May Day"
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