Thursday, February 24, 2011

Post #94 (Hip Hop Thursday #6): Aesop Rock - "Citronella"

Post #94 (Hip Hop Thursday #6): I enjoy artists like Jay-Z, Kanye, and Eminem. But most of the hip hop that I chose to listen to is part of the underground hip hop movement.

In the past I have posted local "underground" artists P.O.S. (click here) and Atmosphere (click here).

Today it is Aesop Rock (born as Ian Matthias Bavitz). A white guy from New York.

I think what I appreciate most about a lot of the underground hip hop, is that it often times involves intelligent, and sometimes really complex lyrics.

There is a little more substance than rapping about sweat dripping from balls (for those that don't get this reference, these are lyrics from a Lil' Jon song).

But don't get me wrong...I like some Lil' Jon too.

(I apologize, as this song came from a promo copy, so someone recorded their name over the track twice during the song.  Not sure why.).

Aesop Rock, "Citronella"
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