Saturday, February 19, 2011

Post #89: Josh Ritter - "Lark" and "Rattling Locks"

Post #89: Tonight's the night for Josh Ritter. I am pumped.

He will be playing at my favorite Minneapolis venue, First Avenue, and I will be following my usual checklist of activities:

1)  Check my pocket 10-15 times between leaving my house and getting to the venue, just to make sure I have my ticket and black sharpie.
2)  Get the show 15 minutes before the doors open, in order to be one of the first in line.
3)  Once inside, head straight to one of the few spots where they hang posters for the upcoming shows, and ever so gently, so as to not let the staples attaching it to the wall make it rip, take a Josh Ritter poster down.
4)  Grab my coveted spot (in my opinion the best spot inside First Avenue), outside the short wall, at the top of the ramp, left of the stage, next to the sound board.
5)  Get Josh to sign my poster after the show to add to my collection.
6)  On the way home, stop and pick up Taco Bell.

These are two songs from his newest album, So Runs the World Away.  "Lark" ends at about 3 minutes in, and "Rattling Locks" starts at about 4:15.  If you want to check out more of Josh Ritter, click HERE to see one of my posts from December 17th.

Josh Ritter, "Lark" and "Rattling Locks"

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  1. :) like the song, like the reactions addition!!