Sunday, February 13, 2011

Post #83.5: Alice in Chains (Alice Mudgarden) - "Right turn"

Post #83.5: In 1992, shortly before the release of Dirt, Alice in Chains released SAP, a 5 song acoustic EP.

Alice in Chains performs the whole album of course, but this song was credited to a band called Alice Mudgarden. This due to the help of Chris Cornell from Soundgarden, and Mark Arm from Mudhoney.

At the time, there was talk of these three bands pulling together to form a grunge supergroup. But then grunge became popular, and the whole idea was put to bed.

Unfortunately it would be 10 years later that singer Layne Staley would die of a drug overdose.

After disbanding for obvious reasons, they decided to give it another try in 2009. They picked up a new singer, William DuVall, and recorded a new album Black Gives Way to Blue. Obviously a slightly different sound, but with Jerry Cantrell still involved (co-lead vocalist and lead guitarist), the heart of the band is still there.

Alice in Chains (Alice Mudgarden), "Right Turn"
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