Thursday, February 10, 2011

Post #80.5 (Hip Hop Thursday #4.5): Public Enemy and Anthrax - "Bring The Noise"

Post #80.5 (Hip Hop Thursday #4.5): Earlier in the week, I posted the thrash metal band Anthrax, which collaborated with Public Enemy in 1991 to redo PE's song "Bring the Noise".

This is often time considered a defining moment in "rap metal", which would ultimately lead to bands like Limp Bizkit, P.O.D., and Korn.

An interesting side note (for me anyway). As bands grow and go through changes, there are a number of artists that end up retiring from the business. Whether it is due to the rigorous schedule of being in a band, wanting to spend time with family, or possibly wanting to refocus energies in a completely different direction.

Two examples: Terminator X, the former DJ for Public Enemy, now runs an Ostrich farm in North Carolina. And Dan Spitz, former lead guitarist of Anthrax, attended WOSTEP (Watchmaker's of Switzerland Training and Educational Program), and opened his own watch repair shop.

Public Enemy and Anthrax, "Bring the Noise"
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