Sunday, January 16, 2011

Post #55.5: Yeasayer - "No Need to Worry" / "Redcave"

Post #55.5: Here is Yeasayer walking the streets of Paris, performing two songs from their debut album All Hour Cymbals.

It is pretty amazing that all they need are spoons, some Heineken bottles, a pole, and a handful of people to clap and stomp their feet.

The music starts at 1:15 in as they walk to the Metro, singing "No Need to Worry". Unfortunately they only sing about 1 minute of this song, changing over to "Redcave" at 2:20 once aboard the train.

Once they hit 3:45 in, everything comes together perfectly, and they are dead on. And then at 4:48, everyone gets involved, and it sounds amazing.

Click the link below to go to their website. You can download a live recording for "name your price". I highly recommend paying something for it, but free is an option. Keep in mind that these posts are more on the acoustic side of things, and their live performances are going to sound a little more like their albums and "experimental".

Yeasayer, "No Need to Worry" / "Redcave"
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