Friday, January 7, 2011

Storyhill - Well of Sorrow (Guthrie 4-17-2010)

Post #46.5: This is my favorite from the new album.

Storyhill is one of those bands where their live performances are often times better than the studio albums.

I recommend checking out Echoes, a recording of their "final" show in 1997 after deciding to break up. I was heart broken. Thankfully, the day I had waited for happened, and they got back together in 2002.

John Hermanson (on the right) is one of my favorite vocalists of all time, and if I could pick one voice to have myself, it would be his. He released a self titled solo album after their breakup in 1998, which is one of favorite albums of all time. And also released two albums as a band called Alva Star, and two albums as a part of The Hopefuls.

Chris Cunningham is on the left, and also released a few solo albums, and one with a side project called Sixth Sense.

A lot of great music from just two people!

Storyhill, "Well of Sorrow"
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