Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rock Plaza Central @ World Cafe Live in Philadelphia 051408

Post #41: Yesterday I posted a song from a "concept" album, where a single theme or story is carried through the entire album. A few examples of popular concept albums would be Pink Floyd's The Wall, The Who's Tommy or Green Day's American Idiot.

One of my favorite concept albums is from a band a little less popular: Rock Plaza Central.

In 2003, the album The World Was Hell to Us, tells the story of of an apocalyptic war between humans and Angels. And during this war, the humans rode 6 legged mechanical horses, which the humans had convinced were real horses.

Following this album, Are We Not Horses came out in 2006, and tells the story from the viewpoint of these mechanical horses, and how they must live with the consequences of their decisions, realizing that they are in fact not real horses, and that they have fought on the wrong side.  (This song is from Are We Not Horses).

Obviously not very Biblical :) but a great album.  Awesome A cappella at 2:05 in. 

Rock Plaza Central, "I Am An Excellent Steel Horse"
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  1. I just listed to one of my favorite concept albums today: Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. I've never met anyone else that actually likes this album and I can't udnerstand why. OK all you haters, tell me why this album sucks. I'm listening.

  2. Hey Dan! By no means am I a hater. To be honest, that is one I haven't listened to, but My Chemical Romance did peak my interest with their new release, which I have been meaning to pick up. I will buy both and let you know what I think.