Thursday, January 20, 2011

Post #59 (Hip Hop Thursday #1): P.O.S - "Music For Shoplifting"

Post #59 (Hip Hop Thursday #1): Every day, I have music on the moment I get to the office, and it plays all the way up until I leave. Most days I have my ipod on random, but every once in a while I am in a heavy metal mood, or possibly in the mood for a single artist, and will specifically listen to that all day.

A good friend of mine at the office has what we have dubbed "Hip Hop Thursdays". It is because of this, I have chosen P.O.S. for today's music.

P.O.S. is Stefon Alexander from Minneapolis, Minnesota whom attended Hopkins High School. He started off as a punk rock musician, eventually becoming the rapper he is today.

He is with Rhymesayers, which is an independent hip hop label based in Minneapolis, and is a founding member of the Minneapolis Hip Hop collective Doomtree.

This is my favorite tune, which comes from his debut album Ipecac Neat which was released in 2004.

Sorry, as there are a couple spots where there is a glitch in the sound.

P.O.S., "Music For Shoplifting"
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