Sunday, January 16, 2011

Post #55: Yeasayer - "Tightrope"

Post #55: With some help from my friend Crystal, I finally picked up Yeasayer's new album Odd Blood on Friday. After giving it a listen, I ended up purchasing their debut album All Hour Cymbals yesterday.

Considered an "experiemental" rock band, they use a lot of interesting instruments (including things that aren't even instruments) and unique sounds (like the chicken at the beginning of this song).

This song is actually from a compilation album entitled Dark Was the Night, that was released in 2009 to benefit the Red Hot Organization which raises funds for HIV and AIDS awareness.

Aside from Yeasayer's two albums, I highly recommend Dark Was the Night. It includes songs by many artists that I have posted, or will post. Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, New Pornographers, Andrew Bird to name a few. With over 30 songs, $16 is well worth it.

Music starts 1:57 in.

Yeasayer, "Tightrope"
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