Monday, January 31, 2011

Post #70 (Metal Monday #4): Megadeth - "Endgame"

Post #70 (Metal Monday #4): Following up on the Metallica post from last week, Megadeth is a second part of the Big 4.

In 2009 they released Endgame, which I consider to be one of their best albums. I still have it in regular rotation.

Megadeth went through a couple big events before this album: Dave Mustaine became a born again Christian and bassist Dave Ellefson (another Chrsitian (from Jackson, MN)) rejoined the band after leaving in 2002. So you now have two guys considered to be the best at what they do, and both with a different outlook on life than they ever had before.

Many songs deal with politics, with the concept of this song based on a documentary film also called Endgame (released in 2007). The documentary is about the Bilderberg Group (click for wiki page), a group of the influential global elite whose mission is to eliminate most of the Earth's population and enslave the rest.

I am definitely going to be checking out the film.

Megadeth, "Endgame"
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