Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Post #50: Matthew Mayfield - "As Long as You're Not Leaving"

Post #50: I pulled out some Matthew Mayfield yesterday. I am waiting for the day for this guy to explode in popularity. He released his first EP in 2008 entitled The Fire. This is the last of 8 songs on that EP.

Since then, he has released 5 more, all consisting of 5-8 songs. He is unsigned, and all of his EPs have been independently released. This is the type of artist that needs our support so they can tour and continue making music. Not sure if people know this, but artists often times pick their tour schedule based on where they are selling music.

Please...if you like this, purchase an EP on itunes, or a couple of songs. Let's try and get him to Minnesota!

Matthew Mayfield, "As Long As Your Not Leaving"
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