Sunday, January 9, 2011

Post #48: Jenny Lewis - "Acid Tongue"

Post #48: Had a family Christmas in Marshal yesterday, so with a 3 hour drive (both ways), and the boys watching Despicable Me in the back, I had a chance to get caught up on some music.

I purchased Jenny Lewis' second solo album Acid Tongue when it came out in 2008, and finally listened to it yesterday. I love this song.

When I had first seen her a number of years ago, I felt she looked very familiar, but could not place where I possibly had seen her before. Come to find out, she was a "child actress" with roles on some of my favorites from growing up: Roseanne, Growing Pains, Just the Ten of Us and Mr. Belvedere.

If you like this you should check out her other projects, Rilo Kiley and Jenny and Johnny.

Jenny Lewis, "Acid Tongue"
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