Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Post #15.5: Sufjan Stevens - "Casmir Pulaski Day"

Post #15.5: I was thankful to have the opportunity to see Sufjan a couple of months ago as he is on my list of artists I want to see before they, or I die.

If you do not have any Sufjan Stevens, I highly recommend the album Come on Feel the Illinoise!, which includes this song.

Part of a huge project to release an album for each of the 50 states. He has also released one called Greetings from Michigan, which is also a great album.

Sufjan Stevens, "Casmir Pulaski Day"
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  1. I grew up in a largely Polish section of south Chicago and was in high school when they first recognized Casmir Pulaski day. To us, it was a big joke, so I was expecting something funny here. Wow, this song is NOT funny at all!

  2. I think you would really enjoy this album...all of the songs have to do with Illinois. Abraham Lincoln, Decatur, John Wayne Gacy...he did a lot of historical research on Illinois for the album. There are probably many more things you would pick up on or have previous knowledge of than I would.