Saturday, December 4, 2010

Post #12: NeedtoBreathe - "Lay 'Em Down"

Post #12: Birthdays and Christmas is a great opportunity for me to share music, as it gives me an excuse to buy someone an album.

Last night for her birthday, I gave my Mom some Needtobreathe, which is lead by brothers Bear (lead vocals) and Bo (backing vocals) Rinehart.

One thing that is really cool with these guys is how amazing they sound live. I don't think I have ever heard or seen Bear with an off moment. This is one of those bands that sounds better live than they do on their album.

His voice gives me chills every time.

Needtobreathe, "Lay 'Em Down"
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  1. Great choice. I got The Outsiders a month or so and completely forgot about it - time to dust it off.

    So, I like the same music as your mom??? Does that make her cool or me old? Probably both, but it's better than the Susan Boyle album my mom is currently listening to.

  2. It is so funny you mention that, because the night I gave it to my Mom, I had to take her Susan Boyle cd out of her player. She tried to convince me that I would like Susan Boyle, but I have hard time buying in to that.

    I think their love of Susan Boyle makes them old and our dislike makes us cool. (I'm kidding of course. Mom, in case you read this, I love you!! You are not old!!!)