Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nada Surf - Blizzard Of '77 / THEY SHOOT MUSIC

Post #29: I am actually writing this on Monday night, the same day I posted the Avett Brothers, but I'll wait and post this on Tuesday. (Posting now at 1:30am, stuck at O'Hare, they don't have my bag, and won't let me back in to get something to eat. At least I was able to find an open chair). :)

I sit here in the Boston airport with nothing to do, because of a delayed flight to Chicago, which means I will probably miss my connecting flight into Minnesota. This, of course, due to the snow not only in Minnesota, but here in Boston as well. So I felt this song fitting.

Nada Surf is best known for their hit song "Popular" which came out all the way back in 1996, which has a pretty different sound than most of their stuff. It is almost strictly spoken word.

I absolutely love this song, which is the fourth most played song in my music library. The actual song starts about 1 minute in.

Nada Surf, Blizzard of '77"
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