Sunday, December 26, 2010

JOSH PYKE: The Lighthouse Song

Post #34: Last night I did some more music shopping on itunes, and Josh Pyke brought my library past 36,000 songs. Technically the 36,000 song was "New Year's Song", but I couldn't find that on Youtube anywhere.

This song is off of the same album, Chimney's Afire which was released in 2008, and was song #35,991.

Josh Pyke is from Australia, which is evident if you have ever heard him talk, and is also a member of a band called Basement Birds, which I purchased shortly after this. (They have some live, "itunes sessions" on itunes. Check those out).

I will apologize, because sometimes there is a commercial that will play before this song.

Josh Pyke, "The Lighthouse Song"
171,727 views on Youtube

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