Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jon Foreman The Cure For Pain

Post #31: In 2003, the band Switchfoot gained some popularity with their fourth album The Beautiful Letdown, which I highly recommend. A great album from beginning to end.

Due to some radio play, most people have heard of Switchfoot. Unfortunately, most people have not heard the name Jon Foreman, the vocalist for Switchfoot.

In 2007-2008, Jon released four EPs, one for each season (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer).

This is an absolutely beautiful song, and is the first off of the Fall EP. One of my favorites to listen to when I'm feeling down.

I hope you like this Nicole!!

Jon Foreman, "The Cure For Pain"
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  1. I like it. I like his voice and was not a listener of Switchfoot, so it's brand new to me. Thanks!