Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post #2: One Eskimo - "Kandi"

Post #2: I purchased this album about 6 months ago, and finally listened to it for the first time today. Very very good! This is my favorite tune.

One EskimO, "Kandi"
11,979 views on Youtube.

Another great band from England.


  1. LOVED this one from the first time I heard it a few months ago (although I would have sworn there was a female vocal in there somewhere).

    I like Amazing too - how's the rest of the album?

  2. Yes, I really do like this album, and am still listening to it. If you like "Kandi" and "Amazing", then I think you would like the whole album. (And I am with you, the first time I heard it I thought I heard a lady in the mix).

  3. OK, Here's my reservations about One Eskimo. I hate to say it, but I keep getting burned by "Cities97" new artists. I love the first, or sometimes second, song I hear, but the whole album fails me. Quick examples: Aqualung, Daniel Powter, Matt Nathenson, Augustanna, and even James Blunt (I actually like the whole first album, but couldn't tolerate anything on the second).

    Is this going to be the case with One Eskimo? Talk me into it.

  4. I have experienced the same thing myself, and is another reason I don't listen to the radio. A lot of the bands you mention have that one radio friendly song, and often times that song sounds completely different than the rest of their album.

    I do like Augustana, and that would be the one artist I would take off your list.

    Two reasons on why you should buy One EskimO: 1) the whole album is a mixture of the two songs you mentioned (Kandi and Amazing), and 2) you can get it at Target for $7.99. For me, at that price it is sometimes worth taking the chance.

    Do you use itunes at all? A lot of their albums they let you listen to a 1 minute 30 second portion of a song.