Thursday, November 25, 2010

Post #3: Harper Blynn - "Halo" [Beyonce & Dirty Projectors cover]

Post #3: A huge part of attending concerts, that most people miss, is seeing the opening acts. Often times people brush them off as their main intent is to see the headliner. This is a big mistake.

I had never heard of Harper Blynn until I saw them open for Greg Laswell. I have now had the opportunity to see them twice (both times as the supporting act for Greg Laswell). And both times they played this cover (a combination of Beyonce's "Halo", and the Dirty Projectors "Cannibal Resource").

It starts off a little slow, but it is well worth watching the whole thing. Amazing harmonies.

Harper Blynn, "Halo" cover
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  1. Cool version of a song I probably wouldn't have given much attention to. Now for the education...I obviously heard "Halo", but where's "Cannibal Resource"? Is that the vocal breakdown in the middle?

  2. Yes, the vocal breakdown that starts at about 2:45 minutes in. Seeing them play this live is something else. This would be a good show for you, me and Brian to go see. I'm hoping to catch them again soon.

    "Cannibal Resource" is off of the Dirty Projectors album Bitte Orca. It is very "different" but I like it as it is all over the place musically (pop, folk, dance, etc.).