Monday, November 29, 2010

Post #7: Alter Bridge - "Watch Over You"

Post #7: When Creed broke up, it was a sad day. Unlike most people out there, I am not a Creed hater, and still enjoy their music to this day.

But out of this tragedy, came something amazing. Mark, Scott and Brian from Creed hooked up with vocalist Myles Kennedy. One of the most powerful vocalists around, and created Alter Bridge.

Alter Bridge just released their third album, "AB III" as well as a live DVD filmed in Amsterdam. This video is from that DVD.

If you like Myles' voice, check out Mayfield Four, which is the band Myles fronted prior to Alter Bridge.

Alter Bridge, "Watch Over You"
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  1. I haven't always been a Creed hater, but I find myself in that camp right now. I loved them early, but Stapp just rubbed me the wrong way. So I'm surprised at myself for not giving Alter Bridge a fair shake - since they are Creed with a different/better lead singer. I think I'll give them a full listen.

    Hey, didn't Creed get back together? I thought they did, which is why I was surprised to hear Alter Bridge has a new album out.

  2. Hey Dan!! I hear you. Stapp seemed to get a little arrogant towards the end, and yes they did get back together, went on tour and released a new album this last year. Honestly, I haven't given it much of a listen yet. I am way behind on listening to my music purchases.

    I really like all three Alter Bridge albums (the first being my favorite). It seems to me that the guys in Creed view it more as a side project to Alter Bridge.